Burnham Abbey

The Society of the Precious Blood

an Anglican Contemplative Community



If you would like to experience our life more fully, there may be an opportunity for you to live as an "Alongsider".

"Alongsiders" are women who come to the Abbey Community for varying lengths of time, usually for three to six months but sometimes longer. The aim is to provide an opportunity to share in the life of the Community with the potential for personal spiritual development. The time might be part of a sabbatical, an opportunity for spiritual renewal or study, or a response to a specific individual need. A basic structured programme is tailored to meet the needs and interests of those who wish to join us for a period.

Here is what a recent "Alongsider" found: 

“I spent seven months at Burnham Abbey in 2013, living alongside and sharing in the life of the Community. This was a time in my life when I was seeking a new direction. I felt that I was in need of a space to withdraw and to pray about what to do next. I was given the task of looking after the refectory and helping in the kitchen in the mornings and I helped with washing up after meals. I spent time in the afternoon working on the computer. I attended the daily Eucharist and most of the Divine Offices. I found it a great privilege to share in the Community's life and to feel included as part of the family. The Sisters were generous and giving, as well as being unassuming about their daily life of prayer, worship and service. It was a great blessing for me to spend this time with them, immersed in an atmosphere of deep prayer”.

If you are interested and would like to learn more please contact contact us