Burnham Abbey

The Society of the Precious Blood

an Anglican Contemplative Community



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These days more and more people, men and women, feel called to identify with the values of the consecrated life. To those who, as baptised Christians, seek to deepen their spiritual life within their daily circumstances, our Community offers an opportunity for further commitment, after an exploratory period, either as an Oblate or a Companion.

Oblates are united with the Sisters in their life of worship, thanksgiving and intercession. They make a commitment to setting aside certain times for prayer and to saying the Divine Office. They also make a Promise to live in the spirit of Chastity, Simplicity and Obedience.

  • In the spirit of Chastity, Oblates seek to love and serve God and their neighbour through an ever-deepening union with Christ. Normally for those who are married, fidelity to one particular person and a deepening mutual commitment will bear fruit in all relationships.

  • In the spirit of Simplicity, Oblates respond to the loving generosity of God by renouncing the spirit of possessiveness, living as simply as they can, seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.

  • In the spirit of Obedience, Oblates endeavour to surrender their will to God in love, sharing Christís free obedience to the Father. By a constant loving attention to the Holy Spirit and through the encounter with Christ in others, they open themselves to discover what God is asking of them for the healing of society, as he makes all things new.

Oblates are able to recite the daily Office of Compline at the same time as it is being said at the Community by following the Office here.

If you feel drawn to a deeper commitment to God and are attracted by the spirituality of our Community, please enquire further about the possibility of becoming an Oblate.