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Lent Quiet Day

An invitation to those missing their church services and Lent groups or having to self-isolate, to take the opportunity to have some quiet time reflecting on the wilderness, our lives and our relationship with God.

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Prayer is the work to which the Sisters are especially called and for which other work and careers have been given up.

Prayer is essentially an inner journey with the Holy Spirit as guide, a journey which requires a degree of solitude and silence and so involves a real need to come apart. The whole of life should become prayer but there remains a need for set times of prayer, both individual and communal, which include the daily Eucharist and the Divine Office.

More about Prayer

As a relationship with God, prayer - like any other relationship - is a two-way thing. If a relationship is to come to any depth, one must open one's heart, or inner self, to the other. How can we reach that inner self? By making time to cultivate an inner silence. We know we have been in the presence of God when we have been in this mysterious, unidentifiable silence by the effect it has on us. It does not just affect our set times of prayer but permeates our whole life. Because God is working in us it expands our whole vision of life, if we can but keep our hearts and minds open to the Spirit breathing within us.

Our love and concern seem to open the way for God's energy to flow in the world, expanding God's being in every situation we open to Him.

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Sermon: The Lord's Prayer